how to slim your tummyhow to slim your tummy easily and safely, with hypnotherapy from iin damayanti

how to slim your tummy Imagine that when you open your eyes now, suddenly when you tap on your belly, it is already flat and slim! Then there is a victorious smile from your lips as your dreams come true!
Probably it's not compliment that you need. Nor mockery that you try to avoid. Nor because of your family request. So? Only you who knows..

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Dearest readers,
All tht we do is based on what we understand and we believe. But sometimes the result of what we do is not as we expect. Hmm, what happens?

We have to really understand that what we get is actually based on what we do. If we have big belly, so it is actually 100% due to what we eat and what we think about our tummy!

Gosh, Iin. Why thought matters?

Yes, it does! Besides because of unhealthy foods, foods with so much carbohydrate and fat, because of the incorrect frequency of our meal, if we think that we have big problem with our belly and believe that we could not solve it, then it would be as it is.

So, I have got several simple tips on how to slim your tummy:
  1. Be grateful to the Lord that we are still alive. (Ha? It does not correlate, does it?) Well, in fact: what and how we live today is basically on the Lord's approval, every day, every time! So, as His creature, we should always be thankful and grateful for anything in life. 
  2. Think in our mind that "Yes, I can slim my tummy" with sincere belief and trust. Fill in your thoughts with 100% certainty that it is achieveable with the help from the Lord.
  3. Arrange your meal frequency. Make it to become 1-2 instead of 3 per day. Researches say that the nutrients from our foods are absorbed 6-8 hours. Hence, if we have breakfast by 7 am, then it is better to have lunch by 1 - 2 pm. Dinner: only fruits and vegetable. Stop the rest!
  4. When you are having your meal, avoid cold drink. Low temperature liquid will inhibit the breaking and absorbtion of the food in our digestive system.
Dearest Readers,
Those mentioned above are simple tips only and for a permanent result, a therapy is required as we need to do it persistently with positive thinking all the time.

Praise Lord! With His help, there are many of my clients who have been successful in slimming their tummies with the help of hypnotherapy.

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