iin damayanti hypnotherapistiin damayanti : life coach, an experienced hypnotherapist, trainer and NLP-eft-seft practitioner, living in Jakarta

rahasia hipnotis - hypnotis I believe you want to get therapy from someone  who is  experienced and a real therapist,  a certified person of the field with thousands of happy clients. Can you imagine if you are consulting to someone who is a fake hypnotherapist? Can you reach your goal? Can you solve your problems? No way!

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It is possible that you can arrive at destination but this title chance. Or else you can get, but the effort/undertaking being given may not be comparable when you ask for the assistance of an expert.

When you have a broken Mini Radio ... are you going to come to, a service that has had good experience and formal education in terms of service, or are You coming up to someone who just simply learn informally with no good track recrord? The answer is certainly the first: to experts.

 Here is my brief profile. I was one of the best 10 (ten) chemical engineering graduates of the Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB - Bandung) in early 2000. Along with the passage of time I find very interest on life-management and human characters. This strengthens my self to deepen the human resources in the Masters Program in Menteng Jakarta and become a PPM of big 5 (five) post graduates best in year 2005.

hypnotherapy This attraction also makes me study more on problems of psychology, palmistry (hand lines), graphology (handwriting), Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP deeper. I also learned from various literary sources from both within the country and abroad. I also sit and followed the lessons/training from best teachers of the field. All of these things make myself more eager to do total contribution in giving aid to my fellow human beings that ultimately makes the contrast with other therapists available today.

With the help of God Almighty, I am very desirous to my current life on Earth so that this could help many people significantly solve their problems and that ultimately can help themselves to face his future life.

hypno motivation At this point I am still an active consultant for personal and company in Jakarta, a trainer on hypnoterapy, personal coaching and counseling / hypnotherapist for individuals who require self-help or giving therapy to those who are facing annoying problems of life.

Oh, just information for you, my dear readers, please check my name "iin damayanti" on Google.co.id and you'll find 10 (ten) first pages are referring to me! Please click here to check out in Google.

My Certificates
Below are my certificates I have been awarded.

- NGH USA: Certified Hypnotherapist
ngh certificate
ngh certificate

- NF NLP USA: Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
member NF NLP USA
Master Practitioner NF NLP USA

- NF NLP USA : Certified Trainer of NLP
trainer nlp
trainer nlp

- Certified Instructor, Hypnotherapist & Hypnotist - Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy (IBH)
Certified Instructor IBH

- Accessing Personal Genius
Accessing Personal Genius - Coaching

- NLP Coaching

Coaching - NLP based

- Wealthy Mindset
Wealthy Mindset

- NLP Based Facilitator
nlp facilitator

- NLP Master Practitioner
nlp master prac

- Hypno Coach with NLP
hypno coach

- Family Hypnotherapist
family hypnotherapist

- Hypno Spiritual Parenting

Call Me Now!
Please book my schedule 1-2 days prior to your proposed schedule, as I've got very tight calendar.

 Family & Business Therapy-Training-Clinic  (call or SMS):
HP  0812.102.5342   or     0817.03.666.000     
email support 24 jam support@MyHypnotherapyEFT.com

To your brightest future,
cara belajar ilmu teknik hipnotis - iin damayanti

Ir. Iin Damayanti, MM, CH CHt CT NLP

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