how to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapyhow to learn hypnosis AND HYPNOTHERAPY correctly

cara belajar teknik ilmu hipnotis (hypnotis) Imagine you had a golden chance to be guided in private so that you can help solve your own problem as well as your familiy members.. by a truly professional trainer. How would you feel?

Learning hypnosis correctly 
By learning hypnosis correctly, you would avoid the traps which would endanger either yourself or the one that you are applying the hypnosis onto. So, if you have a very good intention to cure others, you'd better learn from the best. Agree?

Learning hypnosis is actually very easy as hypnosis - as a general process - takes place everyday, done by anyone, anywhere.

belajar teknik hipnotisFor example, you are looking at the picture on the right. What do you see? Are you feeling like the black hole in the middle is varying either getting smaller or bigger. Right?

cara belajar teknik ilmu hipnotis (hypnotis)Or when you are seeing the lotus flower on the left. Let me ask you to see it and enjoy while looking at it. Relax. Imagine that you are holding the flower with your left hand. How soft is it? Can you really feel it? Any memory of your life, in relation to the flower when you are holding it? Were you - at that time - very happy or very sad? If you were happy, are you happy now when you hold it? Were you listening to happy song or bad song at that time? If it were sad, how are you feeling now? (I start talking to your subconscious mind now).

Another example: you are watching a football soccer in a television. The match is very enchanting so that you are listening to nobody but the television voice and sound. Even if your mother is calling at you, you would not listen to her, unless she is coming over to you (to pull your ear first, I believe...). Why this happens? Because the match is hypnotizing you.

Or if you kid is reading Donald Duck magazine... You may have experienced it, right? No matter how loud you voice is, no matter how frequent you say, your kid is just not paying attention to you (until you take the magazine away)...

With these short examples, we can deduce that learning hypnosis is actually very easy and doable, as it happens in everyday's life. Now the problem is whether we are willing to learn correctly the right knowledge?

Why I say that "right knowledge"? Because at the moment, there are so many resources saying that this is hypnosis but they simply deceit the people. a lot of criminality such as robbery on streets or at an Automated Teller Machine / ATM, is badly addressed due to "so-called" hypnosis. All this has been put in any newspaper and the society already mark it as black magic. How unfortunate!

hipnoterapi hypnotherapyHypnosis for any Problem in Life
If any of us is under stress, there must be a cause to this situation. With hypnosis, we can trace what the root cause hence it is more laser targeted and we can do relaxation as well. So, if there is any of your family member who is in deep sadness, then if you already learn hypnosis, you can apply it and change the situation dramatically.

Imagine a situation where one of your kids does not want to touch any of the meals or does not want to study. With the correct implementation of hypnosis, we can overcome these conditions.

Once I had a situation where a pair of parents were coming with their two children and none of them did not want to touch any comic book! You can imagine even books for their study would never be seen. If you were there, you could see how panick the parents were. Praise to Allah, after I handled them, now they are even crazy of reading books.

Problems  which I often encounter
Dear Readers,
I have handled hundreds even thousands of clients with various problems, alike marriage problems - communications between the pairs, overcoming divorce, distrust etc.; broken heart; help stop smoking and drugs addict; overcoming stress and depression due to various reasons; insomnia; those who want to get slim or fat; schizoprenia; phobia of height, flying; hyperactive kids (ADHD); as well as kids with difficulty of studying, trauma, being naughty etc.

I am very happy to help people to solve their problems, developing their life and continue their happy life as well as their family. Applying hypnosis in solving problems is called hypnotherapy.  With this method, we interact with our clients and they would take our suggestion as we interact with their subconscious mind to reprogram their belief, hence the result would be more permanent.

Dear readers,
So how would you do with your life? Are you willing to help people by changing their sad faces into happy ones? Do just a little thing in their life so that there is a big and different good change of somebody's family? How would you feel to see happy kids after you treat them? Isn't it giving something positive to our society to help develop Indonesian society life longer with happy mind? Better future for them? Making real difference to the people? Making your life happier as well, am I right? I believe this is part of an expression of our gratitude to the Lord.

Are you willing to learn something which is very useful in your life? Remember, life is short! So, you have to decide now. So, let's learn hypnosis with trusted knowledgeable trainers.

Hypnotherapy and other supporting techniques 
hipnoterapi hypnotherapyNot only accepting students on how to learn hypnosis, I also accept clients who want to solve their problems.

Hypnosis is easy and safe. It is not superstitious. It is scientific. Hence everyone is able to learn hypnosis. The challenge comes when handling medium - difficult problems. However, the more knowledge you have the easier to overcoming problems. So, there are quite a lot of techniques in supporting your hypnosis implementation (hypnotherapy).

Below is some of many that we apply in my clinic.

  • Hypnotherapy. This is the main technique to give suggestion(s) to the subconscious mind. It is a proven method in overcoming various kinds of problems, including psycho somatic (physical disorder notably influenced by emotional factors), mental problems (deep anxiety, trauma) etc.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It is a series of tapping technique to help anyone to achieve genuine freedom emotions that have created problems in their lives. These techniques have been described by some as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology in this century. They have been used successfully with thousands of people with a broad range of difficulties.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program). NLP is basically used for personal development and for success in any business. NLP is the practice of how to understand people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to give the results they do. NLP gives people with a methodology to model great performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in any field.
  • Sedona. The Sedona Method is a simple yet powerful, easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to unveil your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling, belief or thought in mind. It liberates you to have, be or do whatever you desire in life: wealth, success, health, good relationships, peace and happiness.
  • Forgiveness. It is a forgiving technique which lets you grant pardon to anyone who has hurt you in order to overcome problems as well as inviting wealth and luck in life.
  • Aura Opening. A technique to open and generate the great potential in you, a proven technique since hundreds of years .
  • Palmistry. A technique to read palms in order to predict someone's future based on current traits / characteristic features. It would help people improve their current skill, eliminate the negative potentials in order to attract wealth, health and anything in life.
  • Pychology Coaching. A methodology to comprehend and coach someone in developing better skills and life.
  • Herbal Detoxification. A method to eliminate toxins within our body by using herbs as medicines.

You may also be able to see more on how ho hypnotize people by reading Am I able to hypnotize people? 

In my training, I also share some secrets about hypnosis. You may find some basic ones in the article Find the Basic Hypnosis secret here

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